Having grown up in one of the most beautiful American cities, I have always loved recognizing art all around me. Charleston, South Carolina is an artist's paradise, and while I no longer live there, I know my creative energy originated there. The Angel Oak Tree is a place we visit almost every time we return to Charleston. In all of its majesty, this tree represents true beauty, grace, and strength...three qualities I hope to convey through images I capture.

Another great inspiration for me on my photography journey has been my three beautiful children. They continue to be my most favorite subjects, and I truly enjoy all of our photo sessions. The Triangle NC area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) is where I call home now and have enjoyed exploring all that it has to offer with its rich art and culture.

In addition to taking photos of people and beautiful places, I find it very interesting to photograph ordinary things in extraordinary ways. A railroad track through the woods, a beautifully adorned table ready for eager guests, shoes that tell a story....there is beauty everywhere, and I hope to help cultivate that. As my love for this art grows, I hope to share my vision.

~kim elliott